Digital marketing has become one of the main branches of traditional marketing and one of the best results is generating entrepreneurs watch out and liberal when it comes to getting new customers professional, to optimize the use of services improve the management of their expenses.

All morning I’ve been reading your articles disorderly! Exciting! No one had told me so well and with such plain language! Congratulations! I’ll redo my two pages following your advice, but first I want to find an article on the long tail keywords do I get to deduct … Thanks!

SEO SEO is to improve a web externally and internally to get out in the top of google results to words that are looking for a user of this service, and that can make it end up being a real client of our company.

The first thing that must be clear is whether our location will be local (Leon, Valladolid, Madrid, Barcelona) if it will be wider: El Bierzo, Country lions, Catalonia, Spain, France other and learn from that data information that allows us to decide which term greater benefit can give us.

In these examples, we look at a farm wedding in Madrid: …

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It’s called Muting and is free and mutes all notifications and calls, it cancels vibration and mobile screen turns off since the driving start until you park.

Access your Google Analytics, specifically mobile subsection “to find the public section”. You will see an overview in which

targeted traffic

distinguish total visits from mobile devices to the rest, and the model of the devices used by users.

Google Analytics recently launched a mobile version that lets you access the mobile web analytics getting the same data reports traditional sites, with data from each visitor and traffic sources. To achieve this monitor, you must create an account and paste the codes to the server in each of the pages that you want to get data from visits both smartphones and from WAP devices.



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